Free performance monitoring for VMware™ and IBM Power Systems™

Support FAQs

How would the support be implemented? Will the customer sign a contract, a Software Maintenance for LPAR2RRD or anything like that?

It is not SW maintainance. We sell support services, not SW licence or SW maintainance for the product. Licence is GNU GPL v3

Will the service request be handled via a PMR?

No, it is not an IBM product. there can be raised a PMR for repairing the HMC which acts as the data source of LPAR2RRD but not for LPAR2RRD itself.

What is the monthly/yearly price ? => according your website or different for IBM customers?

No difference.

Will LPAR2RRD stay still free software?

Yes, support is not compulsory, you can still use and redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

How is priced DR (Disaster Recovery) LPAR2RRD instance if exists?

DR instance is not charged, support covers both instances (primary and DR)