Free performance monitoring for VMware™ and IBM Power Systems™


This feature allows CPU load and Memory usage tracking of running processes in the time (for last 7 days).
OS agent takes 20 processes which utilize CPU the most for last 30 minutes and sends their CPU utilization and memory usage to the LPAR2RRD server.

It is not a general solution for every case but it might help especially in scenarios when you are interested in CPU utilization and memory consumptions of long running processes.
This is not intended to show processes running just shorty or processes which use CPU just once a time and then do nothing.
Processes must run and do something at least for an hour to appear in graphs.

JOB TOP Memory

Feature requires fix disk space 5MB per single LPAR/VM and is enabled by default.
It is implemented since LPAR2RRD v5.05 (server and the OS agent).

You will see it in a new tab called JOB.
JOB TOP menu