Free performance monitoring for VMware™ and IBM Power Systems™

Support services

You can optionaly order software support services in 2 levels of support.
We do not sell the product software license as the product is freeware released under GNU General Public License.
Together with support you obtain the full version of the product with those benefits.

Premium support

  • next business day response time for critical issues
  • regular health checks (once a 6 months)
  • implementing of new functionality which customer requests (if it is reasonable and possible)
  • report automation and customization (generates graphs or CSV reports)
  • creating special LPAR2RRD builds
  • development of whatever reports or data exports from data collected by the tool
  • prolong data retention time (all data is stored for 60days then it's being averaged)
  • any software development not classified as "huge software customization"
  • everything covered by Standard support
Read Premium support FAQs to get more details.

Standard support

  • priority in LPAR2RRD bug fixing
  • resolving operation issues like
    • data is not being downloaded from the management stations (HMC/vCenter)
    • graphs are not being generated/refreshed
  • help with installation, upgrade, migrations etc
  • any kind of consultations or support exclude things covered by premium support

List of additional benefits for customers with support contract (IBM Power edition only)

Price list
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IBM Power support summary


Free version

Standard support

Premium support

Unlimited # of HMCsyesyesyes
Unlimited # of Physical serversyesyesyes
Historical Reportsyesyesyes
Resource Configuration Advisoryesyesyes
CSV export of datayesyesyes
Statistics per HMCyesyesyes
Statistics per Physical serveryesyesyes
Statistics per CPU Poolyesyesyes
Statistics per LPARyesyesyes
OS Agent for AIX, Linux, VIOSyesyesyes
IBM i OS Agentyesyesyes
NMON grapheryesyesyes
CPU Workload Estimatorbased on CPU coresbased on rPerf/CPWbased on rPerf/CPW
Number of LPARs in Custom GroupUp to 4unlimitedunlimited
SLAN/Abest effort1 working day
Data retentiondefaultdefaultdefault or per request
Live Partition Mobility supportyesyes
Installation supportyesyes
Report automationyes
Regural healthchecksyes
Customizations per requestyes