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Upgrade of Virtual Appliance

LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD Virtual Appliance can be upgraded in 2 ways.
  1. Manually via product package upgrade, download lpar2rrd-4.XX.tar package and follow standard package upgrade
  2. Directly from the GUI (it works only if v4.84+ already running on the appliance).
    • Open the GUI and navigate to item "LPAR2RRD"
    • Open sub item "Product upgrade"
    • Download LPAR2RRD installation package from sourceforge and upload it into the provided form
    • It is all, wait a bit and then reload the GUI, the upgrade will be done automatically on the background
    If this fails for any reason then use manual installation via command line.

Operating System upgrade

Operating system patching, security stuff etc is about your company's policies.
Do whatever is necessary on the appliance like upgrade operation system, apply security patches etc.
We provide minimal CentOS operating system to work with our tools.
Each released version contains up-to-date CentOS patches.