Free Server Performance Monitoring

2012 summary

2012 was vary important and successful year for LPAR2RRD product.

Here are milestones which have been reached in 2012:
  • There have been implemented 10 new major features
  • The source code grew 2.5 times
  • There were above 4200 product downloads
  • Web has been re-designed
  • Live demo has been released

List of major features implemented in 2012: We want to thank all of you who have contributed by new ideas, fixed bugs or made the product widely known.

We have got a lot of ideas and challenges for 2013 and further.
We want to share here just a few strategic ones:
  • storage monitoring (IBM and EMC high-end product lines so far)
  • another enhancements of CPU Workload Estimator.
    That is something what we feel as one of the key features of the product
  • RedHat KVM and VMware porting, here we will see ...

Feel free to let us know what you miss in the product or what would make your professional live easier and where LPAR2RRD could help you. There is feedback form available for such purposes

Thanks for all your support and we hope that you will find LPAR2RRD valuable for you even in next years.

Thank you and Happy New Year!