Free Server Performance Monitoring


Good message is that LPAR2RRD development starts to continue after nearly 2 years further thanks to customers which were willing to pay support
Bad message for anyone else can be that new LPAR2RRD functionality will be immediately introduced and shipped only for these whose pay support.
There will be some delay in releasing of new LPAR2RRD functionality in public available versions.
The delay itself will vary and it's solely under decision of LPAR2RRD development.
Generally freely available versions will mostly contain only fixes.
There is no change in licensing of any version, everything stays under GPL license.

There is a new support option intended for users which whish to have only new functionality available immediately with limited other support.
It will be covered by "Basic support". Check // for details.

There was released last common 2.66 versions today which contain new functionality available immediately for everyone.

Apart of some fixes it is introducing HEA network statistics for IVM based systems.

As I am leaving IBM then do not use my email account at, use I am going to to be a freelancer what I believe give me more freedom for lpar2rrd development.

New functionality which is being developed:

  • SDMC support (System Director Management Console == new HMC)
  • Support of LPM (Live Partition Mobility), if you have a unique lpar name then CPU stats will continuing no mater about the server where it is actually running on
  • Support of AMS (Active Memory Sharing)
  • Create a new application located on where you can send your utilization data (obtained by a script provided by LPAR2RRD development) and you will get them graphed immediately
  • Create lpar aggregated graphs per each CPU shared pool
  • Create aggregated graph for all CPU pools (all pools in one graph)
  • Create text based TOP 10 page with 10 most CPU consumed lpars globally daily/weekly
  • Create a page with summary of average CPU utilization on all frames (text one) to easily find the frame with free CPU resources (and even same for RAM resources)
  • Re-write of physical and logical configuration report from text based formatting into pure HTML and its enhancements.