Free Server Performance Monitoring



It is a new major release which apart of new features below fixes a lot of problems and brings new run time optimization. We strongly recommend upgrade.

  • Aggregated graphs per each CPU shared pool
  • TOP 10 page with 10 most CPU consumed lpars globally daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
    Top10 example
  • Completely new "Physical and logical configuration" of all attached servers. It has 3 levels of information from summary to very detailed. Now it is supported even on IVM and SDMC based servers.
  • Changed data retention of RRDTool DB files to:
    Intervalnew valueoriginal value
    1 minute (all data)    60 days 30 days
    5 minutes averages 3 months      2 months
    1 hour averages 6 month 1 months
    5 hours averages 1 year 6 months
    1 day averages 3 years 3 years
    This retention will be used for all new added lpars/pools. Already existing lpars/pools is necessary migrate. Migration script will be available for customers with support.
  • Design improvements, like new logo etc.

All of that is available in free LPAR2RRD version.