Free Server Performance Monitoring



This version is mainly about fixing of bugs from previous versions.
New features:
  • custom group: summary line with total CPU for all pools/lpars is printed below each graph
  • possibility to export physical and logical configuration into CSV
  • colors for aggregated graphs have been changed to better differentiate between partitions
Near future:
  • LPAR2RRD for storage is close to beta release with support of IBM DS8000 storages.
  • Custom groups: support of LPM
Long term tasks:
  • Dynamic alerting: Alerting based on anomalies in normal CPU load based on historical data.
    It will be alerting without fixed thresholds!!
  • Integration with SAP

List of fixes:
  • All know issues noted in 3.20 release notes
  • all shell scripts on Linux will use /bin/bash as an interpreter : #!/bin/bash due to a problem on 343: i: not found
  • fixed
  • LPM fix: after LPM there can appear a huge peek in LPAR graph
  • LPM: some lpars were not included into LPM although they should be, it is fixed now
  • custom group: when was used regular expression for server column then it did not exclude lpars under dual HMC setup
  • LPM/custom groups/alerting: support for lpar names with a space inside
  • updated rPerf and CPW for MMD POWER7+ servers

Apart of that there is many of small enhancements.
We recommend upgrading definitely for everyone who actively uses LPM (Live Partition Mobility) and the the enterprise edition of LPAR2RRD.