Free Server Performance Monitoring



It contains following new features:

  • POWER8 support in CPU Workload Estimator (there are listed all new POWER8 based models)
  • Brand new UI
    • New dashboard feature
      • You can on a mouse click place whatever graph into the dashboard
      • You can arrange your graphs by drag and drop
      • You can get a full size graph after click on it
    • Much easier usage of CPU Workload Estimator and Historical reports
    • All tables are sort able per a column on a mouse click
  • NMON files is possible to use as a data source
    They could be fed either from the central NMON repository or from NMON files being collected on each LPAR
    • online mode: each 10 minutes the agent reads NMON file, process new records and sends them into the LPAR2RRD server
    • offline mode: once a day you can process single or all NMON files and load data into the tool
  • WPAR support
    Following data is collected and graphed from WPARs:
    • OS CPU utilization of user/sys in %
    • Memory utilization of used/pinned/fs cache in MB
    • Paging rate in MB/sec
  • IO Configuration Advisor (extension of Resource Configuration Advisor)
  • HMC monitoring
    Following data is collected and graphed from all connected HMCs:
    • OS CPU utilization of user/sys/IO wait/idle in %
    • Memory utilization of used/fs cache/free memory in MB
    • Paging rate in MB/sec
  • Custom Groups
    • OS data are graphed for LPAR based Custom Groups
    • Historical reports can be created by Custom Group base
  • And many other small enhancements ...

Internet browser compatibility list

You can see new features on the live demo site.