Free Server Performance Monitoring



New major enhancements:
  • UI enhancements
  • Support of new POWER8 high-end models in CPU Workload Estimator
  • NMON online grapher
  • New main configuration summary page


  • UI enhancements
    • Graph zooming feature
    • Back button functionality is implemented
    • Dashboard flat style
    • Many additional smaller graphical and functional enhancements
  • POWER8 support in CPU Workload Estimator (there are listed all new POWER8 based models)
  • NMON online grapher: it is the same application as on, you can use it locally now
    You can find it in the main menu
  • Big changes on the back-end, processing is much faster now
  • New main configuration summary page
    • Resource summary of all servers and LPARs in one table
    • The table is sort able per names and allocated resources