Premium support FAQs

Next business day response time for critical issues:

What you classify as critical issues?

Tool does not have working UI.
Data collection does not work

Regular health checks:

How does look sample health check report?

It is the tool health check, not health check of your environment.
It is based on checking log files generated by the tool, looking for errors, then email findings with suggested corrections.

Implementing of new functionality which customer requests:

Can you state some examples of new functionality implemented for any other customer?

Many examples from smaller things like enhancing of CVS exports, to big feature addition like Active Directory implementation. Here is a list of features implemented on request of our premium customers untill 1.1.2015:

  • CoD implementation
  • Custom graphs - CPU pools: summ entitlement line
  • OS agent release for monitoring of OS memory and paging
  • All LPARs aggregated per a HMC
  • LPM: lpar which do not exist in given period are not listed in graphs
  • Global Historical reports: CPU pools graphs
  • Custom graphs show allocated memory graphs for LPAR based groups
  • Data health check
  • LPAR and server count per the HMC
  • LPAR search and regex support
  • Create of a public web root without entitlement info in graphs
  • OS agent for Linux on Power
  • OS agent extention (SAN/LAN/SEA ...)
  • CPU Config Advisor - report of unused entitlement
  • OS agent AIX 5.1 without the HMC
  • CPU config advisor into CSV
  • Memory advisor
  • Sending aggregated graphs for CPU pool alerts
  • Sending 2 graphs for CPU alerts (CPU pool & lpar aggregated)
  • HTML formation os Server's logs (state & config change)
  • User script for data export
  • Script for manual utilization list in CSV
  • New config page with the system resource summary
  • LDAP / AD support

Report automation and customization:

What kind of customization and automation you could provide?

Based on your required data definition and structure definition (i.e. LPAR/CPU POOL hourly utilization in a single file every day, all LPARs/servers weekly utilization in separated file, etc), data format, required values and how often it should run, we will create a customized batch job for you.
Some of our reports are used for billing purposes as in this success story the other are used for feeding of configuration management databases, for automatically send of graphs out of the tool etc etc.

Prolong data retention time:

How much extra disk space we will need if any?

Your storage capacity usage will grow based on required change.
We are able to let you know exact size increase, based on your retention change request.

Any software development not classified as huge software customization:

Can you give some examples?

Nothing like that has happened until now.