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I've decided to introduce professional paid support of LPAR2RRD.

Here are my reasons which led me to that thought:

  • I have not touched the source code for nearly 1.5 year (looks like the last version is quite stable :) ). No time at all and lack of motivation...
  • Only what I trying to keep is support of the tool, but my response times are not what I am proud of
  • he tool itself would need big time investment to implement new functionalities, rewrite the web face (would need to hire a web designer for that) etc.

Only the solution what I see how to keep continuity and do not let the project slowly dies is paid support.
Basically I feel that as the last chance for any further development or support.
I simply cannot manage to do everything I actually do around and still work on LPAR2RRD.

From that reason I've created new LPAR2RRD home here: //
I am about to found a company which would be responsible for support. Based on your feedback I will decide to go or no go.

I do not intend to force you ordering support. If you are happy with the actual version, you have no issues etc ... that this makes me also happy.

Support details can be found here: //