Free Server Performance Monitoring


There is a new major version (3.01) after nearly 2 years. There have been implemented following major enhancements:

  • SDMC (System Director Management Console == new HMC) is supported (only for customers which pay support)
  • LPAR2RRD now runs less than 1/2 time as before (due to some parallelization and avoiding of unnecessary every run tasks)
    Especially in HMC/SDMC environment each run might take 1/3 in compare of previous versions (except the first run after the upgrade).
  • new Fibre Channels stats for IVM based servers. It is not a core function of the product. It is there only due to easy implementation. It will not be available for HMC/SDMC managed systems
  • many IVE(HEA) enhancements and bug fixes
  • new IVM menus
  • many other fixes ...

I strongly recommend the upgrade for everyone!


LPAR2RRD roadmap for Q1 2012 with support subscription:

  • support of LPM (Live Partition Mobility). I have got an unique idea how to graphically support that. Lets get surprised! :)
  • general support of alerting when CPU usage exceeds defined threshold on pre-defined lpars/pools. It is a big challenge for us. 
  • AMS (Active Memory Sharing) support. I will have testing environment ready soon so will see what can be done in this area.
  • re-write physical and logical configuration of attached servers into pure HTML include IVM where it is not actually supported at all.

LPAR2RRD roadmap for Q1 2012 without support subscription:

  • there will be a new live demo page available on the Internet soon which always runs the actual version. This will allow everyone to test latest functionality available only for customers which pay support.
  • there will be a web page where you can import your data and this will be graphed by LPAR2RRD for you. It might be useful either for a new LPAR2RRD users or for some of you whose do whenever performance analysis of whatever server

There has been recently signed a strategic partnership between MERIIS company and LPAR2RRD development.
MERIIS will provide sales and support services for LPAR2RRD product.
From the support point of view there is no change for customers. Levels and conditions of support remains the same.
Email contact remains More on