Free Server Performance Monitoring

Take control and see all your physical and virtual servers from one point of view.
Prognosis for all your Infrastructure.
Monitor and troubleshoot pro-actively.
Optimize your mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Analyze key infrastructure performance metrics of your Storage, SAN and LAN devices with STOR2RRD.

This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Get even more functionality with the Enterprise edition.

LPAR2RRD: server performance monitoring architecture

OS agent

Announcements in brief

Our mission

Bring an easy solution to the market for performance monitoring and capacity planning of your highly virtualized environment with a simple and easily comprehensible UI.
It is intended as the operation front-end tool which can simply and quickly identify load abnormality and locate problems at the infrastructure level.

Why use LPAR2RRD?

  • 1st of all due to its unique web-based UI for graphical interpretation of performance utilization in virtualized environment. You can on a click find performance utilization of any physical box in a simple graphical form understandable from technician to the management level
  • It is free to use. You do not need to invest in expensive commercial solutions. You can optionally buy support.
  • Simple administration

Product roadmap