Oracle DB monitoring

LPAR2RRD obtains data through SQL (SQL*Plus). Oracle client must be installed on LPAR2RRD server.
Monitoring implementation does not require any Oracle licensed features like Oracle Diagnostics Pack or Oracle Tuning Pack .

LPAR2RRD requires a database user with the following view only permissions to collect monitoring data:
  • create session
  • select rights on specific sys.* tables
Oracle DB schema

Supported databases

  • RAC
  • Standalone
  • Multitenant (next LPAR2RRD release Sep 2020)
  • DataGuard (next LPAR2RRD release Sep 2020)

Collected Metrics

Subsystem Metric Standalone RAC
Health status yes yes
Configuration Overall yes yes
SGA yes yes
Tablespace size yes yes
Installed DB components yes yes
Upgrade, Downgrade info yes yes
PSU, patches yes yes
Interconnect Traffic MB/sec yes
Configuration yes
Datafiles Performance stats (table) yes yes
Global Cache get time yes
block a sec yes
block 2 way/3 way yes
block bussy/congest, grant congest yes
block lost, blocks corrupted/lost, retry yes
split, bussy release, disk read, multiblock request, grant busy, busy acquire yes
remaster yes
CPU Host CPU utilization yes yes
CPU core Per Sec yes yes
CPU core Per Txn yes yes
IO Total yes yes
Physical Read yes yes
Physical Write yes yes
Data Total yes yes
Redo yes yes
Physical Read yes yes
Physical Write yes yes
SGA data Block Changes yes yes
Logical Read yes yes
Session curent logons count, active serial sessions, logons per sec, active paralel sessions, avg active sessions yes yes
SQL query User yes yes
Cursors yes yes
Hard Parse yes yes
Executions yes yes
Network MB/sec yes yes
Ratio Buffer Cache Hit yes yes
PGA Cache Hit yes yes
Memory Sorts yes yes
Soft Parse yes yes
CPU Time yes yes
Wait Time yes yes
Latency DB files read yes yes
DB files write yes yes
LOG files write yes yes
Flashback latency yes yes
Wait class Average wait FG yes yes
Average wait yes yes
Services Physical Writes yes yes
Physical Reads yes yes

You can see implementation on Free Demo

RAC examples

Oracle monitoring example

Oracle monitoring example

Global cache
Oracle monitoring example

Oracle monitoring example

Oracle monitoring example

Oracle monitoring example