Oracle Solaris CDOM/LDOM monitoring

LPAR2RRD does performance monitoring of Oracle Solaris boxes with graphical presentation.
It is aware of Oracle Solaris Sparc and x86 virtualization. It presents data hierarchically.

Implementation is done through OS agent running on each Oracle Solaris host (LDOM/Control Domain/Global Zone/Zone).

Oracle Solaris performance monitoring system diagram

Working modes

  1. install OS agents on Control Domain (CDOM) only
  2. install OS agents on all CDOMs, LDOMs and Global Zones only
  3. Install OS agents on all CDOMs, LDOMs, Global Zones and Zones

Monitored components

  • CDOM
  • LDOM
  • Global Domain
  • Zone

Monitored metrics

  • CPU
  • Memory utilization
  • Paging
  • LAN throughput MB/sec
  • Disk throughput MB/sec
  • Disk throughput IOPS
  • Disk latency

Feature matrix

CDOM LDOM Global Zone Zone
CPU Solaris CDOM cpu usage Solaris LDOM cpu usage Solaris Global zone cpu cores Solaris zone cpu cores
Memory Solaris CDOM memory usage Solaris LDOM memory usage Solaris Global zone memory usage Solaris zone memory usage
Disk Solaris CDOM disk usage Solaris CDOM disk usageSolaris OS agent LDOM schema
Disk IOPS Solaris CDOM disk IOPS Solaris LDOM disk IOPS
Disk Latency Solaris CDOM disk latency Solaris LDOM disk latency
Network Solaris CDOM network Solaris LDOM network Solaris global zone network Solaris zone network


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