Data retention

LPAR2RRD uses for data keeping product RRDTool (round-robin database tool). Data is stored in a round-robin database (circular buffer) A round-robin archive stores a fixed number of raw data. After that data being averaged.

Retention of data:
Time intervalRetention
1 minute (all data) 60 days
5 minutes averages     3 months
1 hour averages 6 month
5 hours averages 1 year
1 day averages 3 years

This means that you have all data (1 minutes samples) available 60 days back for historical reporting, then 5 minutes averages are available 3 months back etc ...

Retentions of all objects can be whenever changed without data lose.
Longer retentions:
  • require bigger disk space
  • might have performance implication (in huge environments, on slows disks etc)

Note: LPAR2RRD PREMIUM support covers retention changes for customers.